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Chris Jambrich

Kids & Adults Instructor

Chris's passion for martial arts began many years ago. Upon discovering Driven Jiu Jitsu he began to really embrace and grow his love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. Chris puts in a great deal of behind the scenes homework, constantly viewing techniques and different styles taught by high level grapplers.

Coach Chris began assisting in the Kids Jiu Jitsu classes as a support instructor and now leads the Youth Class. He also instructs two adult classes per week and can be found on the mats at every open mat session. Most recently, Chris was earned his brown belt in July 2022. This makes him the first original Driven Jiu Jitsu member to receive this honour.

Chris actively competes in Gi and No Gi tournaments and continues to grow his love of the sport by attending seminars and ever improving his teaching style. He is our leg lock guru!

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